What People Are Saying About Brad Sugars ...


"We have had the pleasure to work with Brad Sugars and his ActionCOACH Team. Brad's 10 day program , "Survive and Thrive" to get through COVID-19 is a must for small business owners. We know his expertise and tools are what is going to help us pull through these challenging times. We highly recommend small business owners to take advantage of his knowledge, tools, books, experience and positive can-do energy!"

- Cynthia M. from United States


"I purchased 30X Business last month, studied it in two days and implemented like crazy with all my team, every day. We just finished our best month in revenue and profits of the last 5 years of my company, We hired 3 new team members and entering new markets. Truly 30 years of experience in one 100 usd product. Thank you for such a great program!"

- Andres M. from Argentina


"Brad’s books have totally transformed my businesses and his knowledge is so easy to use and simple, making it easy to implement. If you want to succeed in business, you must go through all of his books."

- Tony A. from United States


"Just got back from an Unplugged event by Brad in Leicester, UK. His energy is amazing and I feel that I have come away with 3 years worth of business knowledge. A fun day filled with golden nuggets. Big Thank you Brad. "

- Trusha L. from United Kingdom


"This guy knows his s&$t and it’s very obvious he is a seasoned entrepreneur with a very practical approach to business. Came across him on Facebook and just started watching his videos. Implemented some of his strategies and results have been great so far 👍"

- Adam D. from Australia


If you own a business Brad is the only authority you listen to. When it comes to nurturing people, managing time and growing profit, this man is the GURU... the go to guy. Punchy, to the point no nonsense and you can apply what you learn instantly! An absolute business genius!

- Jon A. from UK